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  • Writer's pictureJackson Pampalil Babu [WHRP Project, UAE]


by Jackson Pampalil Babu [WHRP Project, UAE]


The current World, despite its sophistication and advanced Technology, is so demanding for more optimization, profitability, and competition that, majority of the work force is stressed out in their work life, irrespective of the industry they are working for.

Most of the people these days are seen doing extended working hours, carrying their work to their homes, attending late night / early morning meetings and so on, wherein work has permeated their Personal life to a great extent. This has literally become the new work culture and majority of the current Generation is moving / moved towards this culture.

Initially, the above work culture looks and feels like a sign of a hardworking and efficient Generation, however, the extended working hours takes a massive toll on the workers, since this has sometimes an irreversible effect on the Persons.

1. Affects their health

2. Affects their productivity

3. Affects their creativity

4. Imbalance of emotions

5. Lack of sleep

The perils of this work culture can only be realized later in the life of workers when quality time which they could had spent with their family or could have pursued their ambitions or in helping others, etc., was spent for extended working hours.

The antidote for this work culture is to:

1. Make priorities in life

2. Find purpose in life

3. Balance between work and life

4. Spending quality time with family

5. Spirituality

6. Meditation and evaluating the course of one's life

7. Charity and helping/serving the underprivileged etc.

8. Being productive rather being like a Machine

The above-mentioned points may help us to find a new meaning and dimensions/approach in our attitudes towards work and to others.

Furthermore, another challenge observed today is the love of money, which drives all people to exhaust themselves to obtain more of it, which becomes a vicious and never-ending cycle.

The love of money in a person destructs their personality as the only intention and purpose of such a person is to obtain more of it at the expense of others.

May we be encouraged to find our purpose in life, which is definitely not in itself in the works we are engaged in, nor the money we earn, nor our fame, but it is to be content in what we earn, in enjoying life with our dear ones, serving and developing others as we grow or it may even be for some in finding a greater purpose, which cannot be expressed in words.


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